The Art of Mindfulness

Offering online and in-person programs where we explore our love of nature, mindfulness meditation, and the art of giving voice to the natural world through photography.

Through The Art of Mindfulness, we are dedicated to exploring the inner and outer landscapes of the human experience, the natural world, and life on Earth. Nature-based mindfulness meditation helps us explore concepts that are reflected back to us through our interactions with nature. These practices illuminate new perspectives and reveal and inspire ways to live in greater harmony with the natural stages and rhythms of life.

Exploring the Awe and Wonder of Life

At the Intersection of

Nature, Mindfulness and Photography

Awake in the wild
Awake in the wild

Nature-Based Mindfulness Practice

Nature-based mindfulness practice (NBMP) is unique in that you can attune to all of your senses with an open quality of awareness. This allows the meditator to connect more deeply with the inner workings of the mind while simultaneously developing a deeper sense of appreciation for the benefits of being quietly and contemplatively immersed in nature.

Mindfulness and Photography

Mindfulness & Photography

Weekly Photo Challenge!

You can join any time! This program presents weekly “Photo Challenges” that are grounded in nature-based mindfulness concepts and encourage you to explore your creativity by producing photos that represent your experience of each mindfulness concept. It’s free to join with upgrade options for deeper engagement.

yearlong dharma study program course

A Mindfulness Deep Dive

Dharma + Photography

This program will feature different themes where participants engage in an extended deep dive into dharma (meditation and mindfulness wisdom) along with a creative exploration of how we relate to and artistically express these concepts through nature photography. Join a dedicated community of practitioners today.

hiking and photography meetup new mexico santa fe

In-Person: New Mexico

Let’s Get Together

Let’s get together and enjoy some outdoor activities in the natural world. In this in-person, events-oriented community we might embark on some meandering nature walks, hiking in majestic parks, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and more. Some programs will be oriented around mindfulness and others around photography.                    

Online mindfulness and photography live courses on zoom

Online Classes

Mindfulness and/or Photography

At the Art of Mindfulness, you can enroll in online classes delivered via Zoom that are open to all. Some courses are strictly focused on mindfulness, others on photography and some explore the two concepts folded together in one course. Programs are designed for beginners and advanced meditation practitioners and photographers alike.

Elevate your mind, embrace tranquility, and thrive daily with the transformative power of meditation.